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Pediatric, Neonatal Care & Immunization


At Sparsh our tag line is “Where Children Come First”.

We are a one-stop destination for childcare services that includes neonatal, paediatric adolescent and immunisation services for children up to 16 years.


Vaccinations work by exposing our body to an infection so that we develop immunity to it. Some vaccinations are given orally, others by injection. The advantage of a vaccine is that instead of getting the full-blown disease, we can get immunized by taking in a weak version of the infection. So we get immune to a disease without first having to be sick.

If your child is immunized against an illness, the chances of getting that illness are reduced to a great extent since your child's body has already made antibodies against it. Immunization is the most effective method of protecting your child from certain serious infections.

Adolescent Medicine

This branch of Pediatrics addresses teenage concerns involving physical and physiological needs and various ailments. Services provided include psychological testing and counseling, assessment and management of behavioral, sexual and various other problems including enuresis, obesity and feeding fads.

Nutrition Support

The pediatric dietitians are experienced in managing a variety of clinical conditions such as celiac disease, cow’s milk allergy that require skilled dietetic input. They have expertise in the dietary management of various inborn errors of metabolism, pre & post surgery/ transplant rehabilitation pertaining to congenital multi-organ abnormalities. Specialized diets are planned to treat conditions like Chylothorax, Nephrotic syndrome, various degrees of malnutrition and failure to thrive in childhood.The department has prepared an indigenous gluten free diet book. Comprehensive enteral and parenteral nutrition support is routinely provided to all patients.