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Diagnostic Upper Endoscopy With Biopsy — Generally Indicated

  • Gastrointestinal Bleeding, Active, Persistent, Or Recurrent Bleeding.
  • For Dysphagia, Odynophagia, Persistent Refusal To Eat, Or Persistent Chest Pain.
  • For Upper Abdominal Pain And/or Discomfort With Signs Or Symptoms Suggesting Serious Organic Disease (E.g., Weight Loss, Anorexia, Anemia), Or From Pain Or Discomfort Which Persists Despite A Course Of Therapy For Suspected Acid Peptic Disease.
  • For Persistent Vomiting Of Unknown Cause.
  • Sclerotherapy Or Banding Of Esophageal Varices During Or Following A Bleeding Episode.
  • Workup For Unexplained Weight Loss Failure To Thrive And Refractory Iron Deficiency Anemia.(Like In Celiac Disease)
  • For Esophageal Dilation.
  • Placement Of Feeding Tubes (Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy, Transpyloric).
  • For Removal Of Foreign Bodies, Or Objects Retained In The Gi Tract.


  • Diagnostic Colonoscopy And Biopsy Are Generally Indicated For Unexplained Iron Deficiency Anemia, Evaluation Of Unexplained Gastrointestinal Bleeding Such As Melena Of Unknown Origin Or Hematochezia.
  • For Clinically Significant Diarrhea Of Unexplained Origin.
  • Evaluation Of Inflammatory Bowel Disease, And Cow Milk Protein Allergy.
  • Polypectomy.
  • Dilation Of Stenotic Lesions.
  • Treatment Of Bleeding Vascular Anomalies, Ulcerations.
  • Removal Of Foreign Body.